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loving the vxr

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  • loving the vxr

    hello there,
    vauxhall have kindly lent me a VXR for a week through my company car scheme as im contemplating buying one. i have been fast car free for around ten months since selling my toy which was a 14.5 1/4 95mph saxo vts, so when the vxr turned up i was like a kid with a new toy. so far i love the astra, seems to be forever wanting to go and im not one to shy away from the loud pedal . what i like so much about it is how it seems like a rabid beast, not calm at all unlike reviews i have read of other power hatches.
    so far i have decimated a tricked up dump valve sporting lotus elan and a 2.0 16v nova, both of which came to me badgering for a race as soon as they clapped eyes on me, i was hoping more along the lines of a rolling start with an evo or scoob sti lol, but it seems not to be.
    anyways, i have a question, what mpg around town is achievable with normal driving? im not gonna find out because i only have her for a week and dont want to waste money pottering.
    also anyone on here from doncaster? have seen two red ones, one always in cusworth where i live.

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    girlfriend drives mine 40 miles to work and 40 miles home it's a mixture of a and b road's also some town stuff.we get about 33 to 35 mpg.worst we have had is about 20 mpg but thats when i play