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My new Dynabeams

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  • My new Dynabeams

    After trawling through the various threads about these and finding them cheap enough I have bought and had fitted some Hella Dynabeams - with a HID kit.

    When searching for my VXR I wanted the Xenon lights but found one with a Remus on it and fell in love with the sound and stopped looking. Now I have the look and the sound I originally wanted.

    Sorry the pics have been taken in daylight but I need to be up for work at 4am so I will be testing them on my way to work in the morning and maybe some more pics will follow at somepoint.

    To compliment the headlights themselves, I opted for a Canbus compatable 6000k HID kit, from HID's Direct. Some LED Mini tower sidlight bulbs & some chrome indicator bulbs. Hope you like the look as much as I do!

    Thanks for all the uselul info on the forums people!!
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    looks great, your HID kit looks very blue

    I want some of these but i would rather put the money towards tuning the car


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      Thanks! I can confirm after using them on the way to work this morning they work well - they turn along with the car etc and are very bright!!

      The blue does fade when they warm up and they turn to an "ice white" - if there is such a colour! Its like white with a hint of ice blue!

      I will try to get some pics up when they are switched on in the dark so other people can see what they look like incase they are thinking of buying some.


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        looking very nice mate..i got my hella dyna beams fitted a month or two ago and like your self are very happy with them but had problems with my hid kit ..from hids direct...unlucky really ...luck of the draw so gone for hids4U now
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