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Autocar next week (Must see!)

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  • Autocar next week (Must see!)

    Autocar have there annual 0-100-0mph test in next weeks edition (out on tuesday).. There is a pic in this weeks showing all the entrants..
    Just some from memory...
    Focus ST
    MeganeSport 225 F1
    BMW M5
    BMW M6
    Audi RS4
    Vectra VXR
    Aerial Atom
    F1 Car
    And a load of super cars and a few others.. But it also features, not 1, not 2, but 3!!! Astra VXR's in it for some reason.. One has black rims on it too. I'm assuming they're bringing along some tuned examples to compare results...
    Should be very interesting!!! :wink:
    I have the last 4 years tests at home and it's a cracking test.. Lets just see if the VXR can improve on it's 16.4 secs 0-100 result they managed on the road test or beat the CTR's time of 16.0 LOL..

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    keep in mind mate previous tests carried out on the VXR was on the pre prod models and from experiemce did drive differently to our own (power delivery and performance)


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      Didn't realise there were 3 Astra's. I must look at the picture again. I know there is an Arden Blue one, also what appears to a red 888 diesel (chrome front).
      The Vectra is also an estate which is a shame, would have liked to have seen a 5 door hatch.