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Burg in the garage, possible seized caliper, warranty job?

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  • Burg in the garage, possible seized caliper, warranty job?

    Hi Guys quick question my car had to go to the garage last night due to as I was driving home and I could hear a horrendous schreeching noise. Im guessing that my rear caliper has seized up.

    If so will this be covered under warranty and any damage it may have caused?

    Thanks in advance.

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    If it is seized then it is technically a maintenance related issue and not a manufacturing fault, thus not strictly warranty.

    North East England - Tech 2 diagnostics/ code clearing available, Cruise control switches supplied fitted and activated . PM me for details


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      But given you have a FSH, you could argue that they should of been responsible for that too as part & parcel of the servicing especially if well under 3yrs old as checking of these things should be done as that of that sercice?

      Most dealerships undertake a health check on every visit or they did with me ?


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        Thanks for the help guys. I have had a call from the gargae and apparently a clip from the exhaust had come off and got caught somewhere causing the metal grinding sound. Apparently no harm done and they popped a new clip on free of charge. Happy chappy again now.