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Will a 1.9 K&N Panel Filter Make My DV Louder??

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  • Will a 1.9 K&N Panel Filter Make My DV Louder??

    Im thinking of buying a K&N panel filter for my 1.9 CDTI conversion airbox. I took off my dump valve off as i didn't like it but still want some kind of Blow Off noise. I get a bit with my set up now but obviousy running a paper filter must deaden the diverter valves noise a fair bit.

    Will sticking a K&N panel filter in make it any louder? It did in my cooper s turbo and even made the supercharger noise louder in my cooper s supercharged.

    I want some turbo whistle and woosh. Lol


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    TBH the filter wont make too much difference. If you want induction noise and blow off then a cone filter will give you that at a scarifice to performance.


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      Id never go cone. Lol.

      What about a thorney foam filter and some holes in the box. Surely that should work right. In theory i know it should but all cars are different and i can be arsed if its not going to. Lol