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  • Blueflame Exhaust

    After talking to Jon from courtenay at the power festival Im looking at getting the blueflame.
    But could i just use any 3" system and just cut/add the blueflame tip onto the end?
    Arden Astra VXR
    Stage 2 - 289bhp Blueflame Exhaust & Remap

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    yes but then its not a blueflame and i thought that was the whole point?
    Quaife LSD . . Milltek/Powerflow Turbo back exhaust . . Custom Intercooler . . Percy 1.9 Cdti airbox . . Whiteline RARB . . Collins dump valve . . Courts enlarged top hat/power pipe . . Oil Breather Box . . cruise . . anti-hijack . . check control . . Blue SMD conversion . . wind deflectors . . opel numberplate surrounds . . pressed plates . .


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      As above im sure in fact i know Jon did not say it was a great system and you should spend £1000 on an exhaust just for the tip .

      Jon says the exhaust is brilliant and gives a nice sound when booted but pretty quiet when not , and when driving normally.

      We spoke at length at the weekend about piper, scoprion etc and in his eyes which i think has to be a good thing he think the blueflame is very very good .

      Expensive though :-(


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        one for you

        would they just sell you the tip ? For all your tuning needs


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          Originally posted by vxrdave View Post
          would they just sell you the tip ?
          Thats what I was thinking, the cost would be much less if I brought an alternative 3" system and add the blueflame tip, im sure it wouldnt sound that much different.

          But i'll probably just bit the bullet and buy the whole system.
          Arden Astra VXR
          Stage 2 - 289bhp Blueflame Exhaust & Remap


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            dont be such a tight **** and buy the whole system its a very good system, just wish i had the spare cash.

            It does sound very nice as well, i can testify, i spend all my time behind Daves car listening to the thing, unless im using throttle then the remus sorta drowns it out a little
            Whats next?!?!?