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Gearbox Problems ?

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  • Gearbox Problems ?

    I have recently purchased a 06 plate astra vxr with only 22k on the clock and is under warranty.The only problem im having at the moment is when i change from 1st to 2nd gear there is a funny noise when you lift your foot of the clutch pedal as if its a clunk or something ? I have taken it back to where i got it but they said they cant find anything wrong with it but to me there is something wrong.Could it be the garage just being a pain and not wanting to know ?

    Has anyone else had any problems with there gearbox or any ideas what it could be ?

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    i think this fellow member is hearing a similer noise...get in touch with him and ask what his out come is once it's been to the garage but iv read loads of threads about this noise..and never heard any 1 sorting it ..but there is alway's a first...
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