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  • Test Drive :)

    Hi every one, I have been keeping an eye on the site for a while but never post much coz I don't have a VXR yet

    But I am now looking into getting a VXR sometime in the future, so I took a test drive in one yesterday and I must be honest I was very supprised to say the least!
    Right now I own a 2.2i coupe and I thought that was quick but compaird to a VXR its like being in an invalid carriage
    The power and torque from down low in the revs is amazing and really puts you in your seat
    I took 4 cars out for a test drive in total and non of the other 3 where anywhere near as good as the VXR, they where:

    Astra 1.8vvt '58 - This was the first one and at first it seemed quite good, it felt a bit like the coupe so I was thinking it would be a kind of swap which I didn't mind.

    Mazda 2 Sport '58 - The missus made me take this out coz she liked it and thought it was cute lol - handled ok but power was crap and now the missus doesn't like it coz the interior looks poo!

    Mazda RX8 '07 - I have wanted one of these for ages but it would have to be the R3 only thing was they only had a normal 231bhp one. It was very nice inside and handled very well and the noise from the rotary was brilliant but it just didn't pull like the VXR did, it felt relaxed and steady which some people may like but I like that kick and pull from a car which the VXR gives you in a BIG way

    So after a very fun day the missus has decided she is going to save like mad for a Arden Blue VXR '08 onwards lol


    I was looking in the manual about oil for it and it says just use "Genuine
    Vauxhall Parts and Accessories"

    What I was wondering is will the oil for the VXR be the same as what goes in the coupe being there both Ecotec engines?
    I have always used this -
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    0w/30 5w/30 and some use 10w/30. I personally use 5w/30. Same stuff as i used to put in my old 2.2 coupe


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      Thanx mate good to know for when I get one


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        HI mate, went from the coupe 2.2 to a VXR like yourself only just over a month ago... the coupe ran on 10w 40 and your vxr will run on 5W 30

        loved my coupe but like you say night and day with power


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          hi mate i went from a astra mk4 pimpt cabby 1.8i to the vxr and best thing i did..


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            i went from a much faster SRI Turbo but i was surprised with the power as standard from the VXR and the low end torque was a lot better!

            I just serviced my car and used 0w 40 fully synthetic, a lot of people on here use this oil.

            Fully loaded flame red VXR! 19's,AFLs,IDS,rear sensors,bluetooth, cruise control,climate control,full leather,heated seats, sat nav,cooled glove box,de-badged,eibach sportlines,REMUS,insignia jets,oil restrictor,K&N filter,red fogs & boot strip,carbon window strips & door pillars, black front badge & rear diffuser,RARB,LSD,CS stage 2


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              i didnt go from 2.2 to the vxr but i have owned 1 and got rid after 3 weeks, i just couldnt live with it, they are only about 150bhp or summet and it felt real slow for what i was expecting from a 2.2. so got rid and got an impreza instead, but ye the vxr is way way better than the 2.2 you wont regret it at all.


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                Thanx everyone for your relply's and yes mate it has 147bhp so nearly 100bhp more from the VXR so it's a completely diffrent beast lol


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                  Originally posted by chrissyb View Post
                  i went from a much faster SRI Turbo but i was surprised with the power as standard from the VXR and the low end torque was a lot better!
                  having gone from a 300bhp sri turbo myself i agree the vxr was suprisingly good in standard form
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                    Good to hear buddy ....... I went from my Mint Astra G 1.8 SRi to my VXR and the difference like you say is unreal. What i really did notice was like yourself, the low down torque was very diesel esque in that it pulls from really low down I will say my MPG is a hell of alot better around town in the VXR than it was in my 1.8 SRi by miles !!!

                    I'm sure you'll love it .


                    MY14 Corsa Burg, "REX" , Burg #452


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                      Thanx mate can't wait till I get one
                      Your right about the diesel type torque that you get it was ******* awsome