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I fancy an Astra but have a few Q's...

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  • I fancy an Astra but have a few Q's...

    Hi everyone,

    I've introduced myself in the newbies section, I have a couple of general questions about the Astra VXR. I don't own one yet but I've liked them since they were introduced and I'm thinking of replacing the almost 7 year old MG ZR that I've owned from new.

    I know very little about the Astra in terms of reliability and how easy they are to live with. So are there any common issues/faults with these cars that I would need to bear in mind when I'm looking to buy or during ownership?

    What are the service intervals & rough costs of servicing?

    My ZR IMO is crude and has poor ride quality, I didn't used to mind it. I don't know if I'm just becoming old and boring, but now I find it irritating. How well does the VXR cope with typical british pot holes and speed humps?

    I don't expect a sporting hatchback to ride like a Rolls Royce, but some kind of refinement would be nice.
    I will obviously test drive one, but would like an opinion from people who drive them everyday.

    Lastly what is the fuel consumption roughly like for mixed town/open road driving?

    Sorry for all of the questions, I am grateful for any input. Hopefully this is the right section to ask such questions.

    Thanks all

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    The astra is a very reliable car, not different to any other car.

    Service is 20k or one year, costs £150-300 depending on which service.

    I would take a couple out for test drives, and make your own mind on the ride , comfort etc.

    Fuel consumption should be around 30 to 35 mph. depending on driving style and roads.


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      bloody hell you been saving them Q'S up

      mate you will get a lot of people sing the praise of the vxr ...because your on a vxr fourm...but i'll try ansewr some of your Q'S

      the ride is very smooth honest..i drive a ford mondeo tdci to work and back with is like driving a mattress is really soft and it's ''just'' as nice as that on nice roads ..but pot hole's is a no go area but iv 19'' wheel's..where the 18'' wheels are ment to be a even better ride

      fuel well i drive it like it should be driven so see 24/25 mpg..where other's drive it like my g,f does to work and back and by the end of the week it's back up to 28/29 and that still only town driving...i have seen my self with C,C on see 32/36 just sitting at 65mph

      but going from a mg to a vxr is a whole diffrent ball game mate like you were saying..get a test drive and im sure we will see you back here again..

      faults like every other turbo car..look for smoke out the exhaust at start up.and driving it giving it some as the turbo kicking in about 2500.3000rpms .look for bad play in the gear box...nothing really goes major wrong with these car's (touching wood as i say's that )

      hth paul
      ''we do not quit modifying because we grow old,''

      '' we grow old because we quit modifying ''


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        Thanks for your help chaps

        The servicing schedule and pricing sound reasonable. As does the fuel consumption for a performance car

        It is good to hear that the VXR is generally a reliable car too. As I'm going from a car I've owned from new to a used car reliability does concern me, but it sounds good

        I guess I should try a couple out then!


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          have a look in the for sale section on here, as you can read up on owners cars,

          servicing costs are under £200 every year, road tax is £245 for the year, petrol for me is around 300 miles per full tank (around £50ish) thats some fast and normal driving,

          my car is 3 and a half years old, and although ive only owned it for 18months ive had no problems with it (touch wood),

          they can also be tuned for not to much cash
          Quaife LSD . . Milltek/Powerflow Turbo back exhaust . . Custom Intercooler . . Percy 1.9 Cdti airbox . . Whiteline RARB . . Collins dump valve . . Courts enlarged top hat/power pipe . . Oil Breather Box . . cruise . . anti-hijack . . check control . . Blue SMD conversion . . wind deflectors . . opel numberplate surrounds . . pressed plates . .


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            Maake sure the gearbox aint making any strange noises and that it doesnt crunch gears or jump out under load. I had mine for 6 weeks when the box went **** up and I found on a load of forums that the box on them is ****
            MK2 Leon Cupra Stage 2+


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              Are u gettin' a brand new one ?
              I guess new ones have most of the issues solved (oil pipe leak, turkey noise, manifold studs, stronger differential bearings, etc)
              Don't take it as a creepy story...


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                IMO, regarding fuel consumption its the perfect car
                With me driving responsibly it's usually around 10l/100km or 29mpg


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                  When you go from the MG to the VXR you will understand what as the fuss is about.As already said you can tune them quite cheaply


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                    Only thing to really check as has been said already is the gearbox crunching. Not bad if it's done under warranty or before you collect, but a £5-600quid job if you have to sort it yourself.


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                      I'm really happy with my vxr, im on my second one and have had no reliabilty issuses with it far
                      fuel consumption could be better but the drive is rewarding enough to not care. around town im on 28mpg on average, i drove to st ives in cornwall 2 weeks ago which is a 300 mile drive to me. was sitting at a good speed most of the way and it was knocking on the door of 44mpg
                      you'll love it