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Air Con Leak

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  • Air Con Leak

    Ok, so i went to Kwik-fit today to get my air con recharged. so they put it on the machine and the machine has detected a leak and there is no fluid in my car what so ever Does anyone know how much i will have to pay vauxhall or some other specialist to fix this?

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    Very hard to answer this question, all depends on where the damage is


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      Damn this is going to cost me a small fortune aint it


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        u will want to hope its a dodgy pipe or something simple cos otherwise it can prove very expensive to repair !! .. mine wasnt working a few months ago and had it re gased and there was a hole in one of the pipes .. cost me £150 just for the hose !!
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          How old is your car ?

          Warrenty claim ?


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            if its the compressor then you wont get much change from £1000,drive in drive out at main dealer..but hay it could be just an o-ring at say £100 including fitting and regas..?


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              Its a 55 plate so no warranty. I hope its not £1000 i cant afford that kind of money just for air con. If it is that do i have to get it fixed will it mess up anything else in the car?


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                nah it wont affect anything else if you dont fix it

                my mate removed his a/c to save on weight as the compressor is surprisingly heavy


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                  Have a look at the bottom of the condenser, the bottom falls off on the 1.9 cdti. Common fault on the diesels.


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                    have a look at the air rad mine corroded along the bottom cost me 350 quid at the dealers to fit a new one and pump it back up again.its a common fault .you can look around and fit it yourself .
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