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seat belt warning light part 2

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  • seat belt warning light part 2

    thanks for all your coment guys, but does any one know someone who has a 57 plate astra vxr who has got the warning gong, I cannot believe some cars have it and some dont, they must work to a spec. i also have a wineing noise coming from my engine its quite hard to hear but once you have it drives you mad, VX said it a rattle and not coverd under the waranty, suprise suprise!
    once again thanks for your replys.

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    Some earlier cars have the gong. Most don't. Believe it cos it's true lol

    But it can be switched off if it annoys you. Most 5dr Astras DO have the bong, used to drive me nuts on my last car cos I used the passenger seat mainly for keeping stuff on like a bottle of water, sandwich etc. So I deactivated it by reprogramming SDM (airbag module).
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      thanks mate maybe mine did not have it, and it was my last car 2.0 turbo 5 door. when they pluged the computer thingy in they said the on/off option is not there.