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New Astra VXR 2010

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  • New Astra VXR 2010

    I just found two kinds of images of the new astra vxr which will be in showrooms from late 2010. But dont no which is the real one. I think its the grey one in the snow but if it is it horriable not enough kit on it...and the arden blue one looks fake but it got the same kit as a corsa vxr with the vents on the rear bumper and the triangle fogs also the same wing mirrors. the links for the images are below and comments would be nice

    Grey VXR -

    Arden Blue -

    Personaly i hate them both and hope that there not what there going to end out to be like :/

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    there are a number of threads already covering these and more up to date shots so closing.

    my VXR history: Arden Corsa, Astra Nurburgring, Corsa Arctic, Evoke VXR8, Black Corsa, Silver Vectra, a long weekend with an Insignia, a chilli burger and now a siggy tourer!