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I want an Astra VXR

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  • I want an Astra VXR

    Hi guys,
    Im turning 20 soon and i am looking to buy my first car. I sat in the VXr not too long ago when my parents were at a showroom buying their Vectra. I was just wondering if anyone knows what kind of prices you would be looking to pay for a new or relativley new VXR Astra. Also what kind of Insurance prices would i be likley to expect? Cheers lads.

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    well matey, i aint no fella but ill post for ya lol
    Your looking at a new one with decent spec to be around 20k. However a used ex demo you can pick up for around 17k at this time anyways.
    Insurance my mate is 23 and hes paying £800 for a coupe and this is with 4 no claims, so dont fancy your chances of being under 1,800k much!
    still if you can afford it, my advice DO IT!


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      Woods of West Calder are currently selling their demo VXR
      - Arden Blue, 19's
      Go and have a chat - ask for Dave Dempsey
      tuner talk: "Just get out and drive the damn things !!!"
      The truth is out there ...


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        hi there, im 22 managed to haggle me arden blue wi 19's for 18k but used prices are coming down quite a bit if ya check the autotrader.
        for insurance im fortunate enough to be on the companies, but i did get a quote off admiral for £1,500 but ive bin drivin since i was 17.


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          Give Virgin insurance a try. U can pay monthly interest-free.
          Andy H


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            The expense is one thing, but you are certainly gonna get hammered on insurance.....
            As much as i think its a great great car, surely paying over £1800 or so is far to much...