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  • Drivers Seat Click

    Everytime i pull away i get a clonk from the drivers seat. When parked if i lean forward then back it also makes a clonk.
    Anyone else experienced this problem?

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    actually yes had it in to my dealer and got a no fault found reply back will have to take it back in again because it is no really starting to annoy me will let you know of any progress


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      Anyone else suffering this problem?
      Took mine back this week, but no noticeble improvement.
      It really starting to grind on my nerves now
      Sounds trivial but now I am starting to drive in a way where it does not clonk ie careful. yuck


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        Don't get me started on that one.

        My seat did it every blasted time and the seat even moved. Despite that being quite a serious issue the dealer chose to do NOTHING about it. They told me it wasn't a problem.


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          i would push it further.

          Get the aftersales manager to come out with you and make it do it with him as he wont want bad press for the dealers.


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            Sounds like a seat fitting issue, which I believe some people have had. If my thoughts are right there are some where the Recaro Seats have not been fitted to the floor properly, or there is a fault with the actual seat. Definately take to dealer and get them to re-fit seats, or if necessary replace - just have to be pushy.


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              I had the same issue with the Recaros on my old Vectra GSi.

              The problem is that the seat runners are plastic coated (to make them look nice and to stop corrosion). This means they are a tight fit when they are assembled and you get no movment. When you've been in the car with the seat in the same place for some miles the plastic wears through. The fit becomes loose allowing the seat to move making it clunk. Greasing the runner helps a little for a short time. If you move the seat forward or back one notch it'll stop for a while.

              I fought hammer and tongue with the dealer to get them swapped, even Vauxhall customer care sent out a technical guy. He told me that it was normal, but eventually relented and agreed for the runners to be swapped. It took less than 5k before the seat was clunking again.

              There is nothing you can do about it, my wifes corsa is terrible, thankfully the VXR is ok at the moment but I expect it happen. Strangely my 1993 Nova doesn't do it after 110k....go figure

              Sorry for the long post
              Nova 1.6 16v TB's DTA 1/4mile 14.8s