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What is my car worth?

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  • What is my car worth?

    Hi all.
    Well, I have to be sensible, I'm struggling to afford the VXR and I may have to sell it. Not sure yet, I need to go thru my finances and probably speak to the bank. Anyway, I'm just wondering what my VXR might be currently worth and wondered what people thought.
    55 plate with VXR reg.
    12,200k miles (oil change at 10k)
    Arden Blue with 18s, Cruise, ECC, AFL.
    VXRPC Stage 1 remap
    Fitted with RAC tracker (subscription not transferrable)
    The body work is as new except the front bumper has quite a few stone chips! Would it be advisable to get it resprayed before selling????
    As you can imagine, I REALLY REALLY don't want to sell it but I may have no choice. I'd hate to see it go.

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    xenons ?
    2007 Audi RS4 - sold 2008


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      Originally posted by Andyuk911
      xenons ?
      Oh yeah! Thanks. Post edited.


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        Well matey, having just purchased a VXR and hunting like a loon, im afraid ot say but i would imagine selling privately youll prob be looking in the region of 13-14k if your lucky
        sooo gutting that you cant afford it mate, that must be breaking your heart :-(


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          nightmare that you might have to sell..
          you can get free basic valuations on and on
          i think if you pay about a quid, you can enter any extra's you have on the car and you will get more of a detailed valuation..