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VXR Shortly Available in Australia

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  • VXR Shortly Available in Australia

    Hi all - just thought you may like to know that we are due to recieve our first batch of VXR's down here in August.
    We have an initial batch of 150 allocated for Australia this year only.
    When they land they will be badged as HSV VXR's. Down here the GM equivalent of Vauhall is Holden. Our special vehicle range is HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) - the same mob that bought you the VXR Monaro (I think - unless Holden shipped them out).
    What is unique for HSV is that the VXR is a depature from thier standard V8 large sedans. Holden are about to launch the next series V6 and V8 sedan Commodore in August.
    HSV take the standard Commodore and uprate them and sell as HSV sedans.
    The VXR will come off the boat - not go to the HSv factory - but will get rebadged and sent to the dealerships. This is the firts time HSV have sold a small performance car.
    I have placed an advanced order on a red HSV VXR (Which I can opt of if I choose as the car has not been seen or driven yet).
    Come August I will compare this to the new V8 Commodore sedan and decide which to purchase.
    Just thought I would share this news with you all. :P

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    from down under as well.doing the exact same thing as you.not sure if i want red or black yet.also own a vz clubby and walkinshaw.
    are you looking at performing any performance upgrades?


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      Hi goon - re mods - haven't thought that far ahead. Just waiting to see which way I go VXR or VE.
      If considering the VXR - you might want to think about placing a deposit now as I'm sure the initial 150 allocation wont be in show rooms for long.


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        g'day mate (sorry couldnt resist)
        Well glad to hear you guys can have a bit of the smile therapy
        My cheeks are really starting to hurt thro the smileaholicness i seemed to have accomplished since owing the VXR