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Speed Bumps

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  • Speed Bumps

    Does anyone else really struggle with speed bumps especially the ones that most cars can straddle? Doing this scrapes the exhaust but going over them on the wheels scrapes the chassis/under pan.

    Ive started working in a new location this week and I have to go the long way round as the direct way has me holding a long line of traffic up as I cant go faster then 10mph! When you look at the VXR you wouldnt think it was that low but is really struggles over speed bumps.

    Also someone compared the bumper to a snow plough today which I thought was funny as I can certainly see it myself!

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    I've not had any problems. You must have high speed bumps in your area!

    Aussie (Shane) has had his lowered (err, sorry better suspension put in) and he has no trouble round London.


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      mines dropped by 25-30mm and still clears all the humps locally, and there is a lot of different sorts.
      Suspension stiffer, so tend to go over on the wheels .


      Arden Astra j , nav 600, afl, full leather, aero pack, power fold mirrors, infinity sound system.