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  • Not a Troll ST owner

    Hi guys, not here to start a war etc merely to point out and to voice my opinions on both cars good and bad points.

    Ive owned my ST-3 now for 5 months and done 7000 miles and loved em the other day i was driving past a Vauxhall dealer down near where i live and saw a RED VXR on 19's and thought it looked rather tasty so decided to pop in for a chat with one of the guys in there.

    Top bloke the guy i spoke with Leigh his name was i explained that when i was looking for a new car the VXR had crossed my mind but never got a chance to drive one he then suggested taking it for a spin (how could i refuse!)

    So Leigh got it out the show room (front doors ) and i was ready to go! First impressions of the interior very simple and well layed out other then the heater controls also not to keen on how far back the gear stick is either coming from a CTR and ST it seemed a bit far back for me. Anyway the steering felt tight and spot on the car had only done 198 miles so not gonna thrash it....well not till its warm anyway

    The seats were supportive but i found it hard to turn round and the rear window was rather small compared to the ST's but thats what most cars are like now anyway! I.E Megane civic etc.

    So out on the road what did i think?

    I power is instant were as in the ST the turbo dosent seem to hit until 3-4k in the VXR its near on straight away and almost deadly in its delivery!
    Put my foot slightly down and BANG off i go felt scarey in a way but a laugh all the same.

    I know ive not gone in to a great deal of detail about the drive as cant remeber much TBH as to busy trying not to crash

    Overall i thought it was a great car to look at but for the sort of driving i do Motorways etc it wouldnt have been for me as it was rather hard (the ride) and the gear box. My main concern was how cramped the cabin was and the feel of it, not a 18k car IMO other then thatlove the looks of it for me i think it looks better then the ST!! But the ride and gearbox put me off so in conclustion im happy i chose the ST

    Cheers for reading

    Mike :wink:

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    Hi Mike.

    Glad you enjoyed the VXR. When i was looking at buying, I had a long look at the ST myself before settling on the VXR.

    For me the cabin in the VXR is nicer, and since you spend most of your driving life looking at the inside of the car rather than the outside, that was important for me. Have to say, im loving the boost gauge in the ST though.

    Yes, I agree the ride is rather harsh, but thats one of the things you get with sports car. I certainly keep my eyes peeled for potholes! Mind you ive found motorway cruising to be smoother in the VXR then my old Golf 4Motion.

    I think bith cars are quality, and it seems a shame that sometimes both sets of owners resort to abuse, and funniest of all, badge snobbery...! These are VXL's n Fords, how can anybody get snobby about either!!!!?


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      Good call Fire, horses for courses IMO



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        I think both cars are great and when I was going to buy a car I basically chose what I think looks better and in my opinion the vxr looks better,my brother has a Focus (not st model) and it is definately a nice car.

        The standard exhaust note is better on the ST then the standard vxr but stick a full milltek on and that sorts it.


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          good summation. The gear shift feel of the Civic is sublime and the Focus is good as well.
          We did pitch the VXR at a different area to the ST and Golf , more CTR really. We believed that with the potential of an RS and the new R32 that we would have the ST/GTi on one side and the RS/R32 on the other so we went down the middle - tho the RS never showed and the R32 went a bit 'softer' than expected. Still think Ford should find the finances for an RS again as its a great motoring icon.



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            I agree with almost everything on here we explored the VXR much better looking car than The st IMHO better on the streets and minor roads than the ST however as a Motorway proposition with high milage we felt the ST had the edge.

            I haven't made my mind up on the tight windy stuff either way yet. Both Great Cars IMHO




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              i test drove the vxr first then went to test the st and then back for a 2nd test in the vxr before choosing the vxr!
              the vxr had the edge in the performance stakes but won hands down in styling.
              altho the st sounded amazing sat in the drivers seat with the 5 cyl induction noise