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exhaust for my vxr

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  • exhaust for my vxr

    Been considering an exhaust for my vxr but not sure. Heard a milltek cat back on an vxr and it seemed very quiet. I cant really afford a milltek full system as it is alot of money. The magnex system seems a reasonable deal but would like to hear a sound file of it if anyone has one. Lastly does anyone know if you can get a milltek cat back and get a pre cat replacement pipe? and prices if so? and would this see any power gains?
    Just looked on courtenays site and it does this:
    Astra VXR 2005 on Turbo Downpipe £223.25
    Turbo Hatch Full System Available Cat Back System £450.00
    Full System £1145.00

    Is that turbo downpipe the pre cat replacement pipe?

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    Courtenay Stainless Steel Front Pipe
    Astra G Turbo ZLET/Zafira A Turbo ZLET
    VX220 Turbo/VXR 220 Turbo ZLET
    Astra H Turbo LEL 170PS/LER 200PS
    Astra H VXR

    Our High Flow Stainless Steel Front Pipe replaces the original pre cat which is only required at point of first registration, and by smoothing the bend radius, we have dramatically improved the flow through the unit. Note: If you have an early Astra IV car with a one piece pre-cat and main cat section (coupe/cabriolet model) you will also need our sports cat replacement pipe to make fitment easier. See below.

    Price includes UK Mainland Delivery.

    Price: £189.95

    also seen this as well but not sure what the difference between this and the turbo down pipe is


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      send Jon from Courtenays a quick pm mate A11VXL is his sign in name,
      he will respond pretty quick, or try TMS who are the distibutors for the milltek VXR range for additional advise


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        Hi Doug I have replyed to the PM you sent me regarding this..

        29 Years as Vauxhall Tuners


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          You cant go wrong with this i had one fitted to my Zafira and it added nearlt 20bhp with a filter and modded air box.

          I've still got it with the milteck Sports Cat ready to go on the VXR. Good thinking by VX making them interchangable.


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            think i will be ordering a milltek cat back and turbo down pipe when i get home, just hope my insurance are in a good mood when i phone, wanted an extra £40 if i remember correctly when i first took out the policy