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  • Leather Seats

    Hi all,

    I'm looking to get an Astra VXR at some point and am a little confused about the full leather seats option ! Can anyone help me out ?

    I wouldn't normally go for leather seats as I don't like the look of them, but out of curiosity I stopped off at my local dealer recently to see if they could show me what they looked like in the flesh. Luckily, for me, they just had a part exchange VXR come in with full leather and what can I say ? I was in love !
    The seats looked exactly like the half-leather recaros but instead of the dotted cloth fabric there was a similar patterned dotted/textured leather. They looked sporty, dark and very very tasty - something I would definately pay the extra £1000 for !!!! (the back seat was in exactly the same patterned/textured/dotted/dark leather - extremely neat looking!)

    However, when I just looked at some pictures of the Astra VXR interior from the 2006 London motor show and also some pictures of full leather seats on this forum, I found that they look completely different ????!! They are much lighter in colour and all the facings are smooth - more like a pvc office chair - I don't understand......?

    Are there 2 different leather pack options ?? I noticed on a few internet car supermarkets that they list 2 leather options, "Leather Pack - Astra VXR" and "Leather Pack Charcoal". Is a mistake/misprint on these websites or does this explain the reason for the two different types that I think I've seen? Would the darker textured ones that I saw in the flesh be the "Charcoal" Recaros?

    Does anyone know the answer?

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    You may have seen some pre production model pictures, some of which even came with red leather, remember this car has only been around for just over six months now. The ones you saw in the PX would have been the correct type, they are almost the same as the cloth/leather style except for a couple of little features, the leather are heated and come with an extendable section on the front edge of the seat. Are they worth the extra money ? Its a lot of money for a slippery heated seat !!!


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      I do of course have the full leather !!!