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  • Car width

    Ordered my Astra VXR yesterday (its gonna be a long 8 weeks).

    My drive/garage is at an odd angle so I was measuring it to see if the VXR would fit in okay (yeh I know, too late now).

    I've been looking all over the net to try and find width figures from outside wheel to outside wheel (ordered the 19") and cannot get them, the only figure I can find is 1420mm which seems way too low - my Clio 172 is 1630mm. Also outside mirror to mirror would be useful.

    Does the owners manual have this info, would be grateful if someone could post the stats.


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    Here's the figures i found (can't remember where now). My drive is very short so i was more interested in the length.

    Length: 4,288mm
    Width: 1,753mm

    Hope it fits in your drive!
    Good luck.

    Edit: Can't remember whether the width figure is mirror to mirror or just body width. Probably best to check.