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Had my heart set on a VXR until ...

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  • Had my heart set on a VXR until ...

    Strange but true?!? Can someone explain this to me

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    Re: Had my heart set on a VXR until ...

    Originally posted by Dave

    Strange but true?!? Can someone explain this to me
    Just a guess but.....

    Astra VXR
    Golf GTi
    Focus ST

    Every hot hatch review I have read in the last few months has placed one of these cars no1.
    I haven't seen any that have recommended the megane as the best buy?


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      I cant comment on this company but from personal experience if it sounds too good to be true, probably is.

      My previous experience:

      Couple of years ago from Motorpoint. Bought a new 54plate BMW 330 Coupe Sport £3000 off list price. When we picked up the car discovered that it was pre reg so we were classed as 2nd owners. Had the car into the BMW dealers for a battery fault about 6 months ago only to be told that the warranty had expired!!! Only a 2 year warranty with an import and it turned out that the car had been logged by BMW 11 months prior to it being registered. Then to top it off got a rubbish trade in price from BMW because they cant sell px imports so they sell them at discount to other traders.

      Im not saying this company are the same but just beware of so called bargains.


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        I wouldn't have considered the non-facelifted megane but the saving seems worth any shortcomings the new megane could have compared to a VXR. If they cost the same, it'd be a close call for me.

        Personally think the ST looks like a van from the rear and the GTi seems a very dull choice. But I'm sure they're all great cars and it comes down to a matter of personal taste.


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          sound advice, but what's confusing me is that buymynewcar seem to have an excellent reputation in the renaultsport forums and their cars are new.

          I'm very confused, in terms and conditions they keep referring to them conditionally accepting "offers". I presume it's something to do with buying in bulk, but I'm being very very cautious.


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            Just to be aware, you will need to advise your insurers that you do not 'own' the car until you recieve the V5. According to their blurb they hold title to the vehicle for between 3 and 6 months. In that time you will not be able to finance the car with anything other than a non specific personal loan, as the the title isnt yours to offset.

            They are effectively lending you the car, after you have paid for it, for a few months before transferring ownership. I think to be legal, you would have to fill in a 'loan' form to prove that they still own the car if asked by the police to show ownership info. Again, for clarity, check that if they go bust in the three months prior to transfer who gets the is technically theirs and all you can do is ask for money paid back from the creditors, which is unlikely to happen.

            Other than that....looks a great price!!
            Insignia VXR, quite nippy!


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              Now Caspy makes a good point there, I read an article about such practises recently and it was an absolute nightmare with people getting badly bitten.

              It must have been in Autocar or Auto Express I would guess.


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                I had a 225 through buymynewcar.

                It will be pre-registered, and you will be the second owner.
                It also heavily affects residuals for the 225 (which aren't great in the first place).

                Now; to the important point.
                Do not buy a 225. They are badly built, unreliable and boring.
                I had mine a year and was in and out of Renault 6 times with the same fault and the Renault "specialists" couldn't fix it.
                Now I am not saying that Vauxhall are perfect in these departments, but it really is like night and day between the 225 and VXR.

                The extra spend on the VXR is well worth it, if you value an enjoying, involving, more reliable drive there really is only one choice.
                If you value short term savings buy the 225, but I think after a year you will be bored and will be getting something a bit more exciting (like a VXR) and losing thousands of pounds in the process!

                All IMO of course.


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                  Yeah it seems you always get what you pay for plus or minus a little, those savings obviously come at some cost. A mate has a 1.4 megane and hates everything about the car. I'd really rather not have keyless entry.

                  That V5 caper seems far too dodgy to me, I reckoned it was to prevent people selling the car on to a 3rd party for a quick profit.

                  VXR it is.


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                    You will not regret that decision.