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  • Paint protection

    Various peeps have been recommending the paint shield protection to stop stone chips ( Looking at their web site they have a big Scotchgard protector logo.

    Does this mean that the Vauxhall applied paint protector (also Scotchgard) is exactly the same stuff? I know that 3M do have lots of products so was wondering if its the same.

    Has anyone had the dealer protector applied but still have problems with stone chips? I had a similar protector applied to my Clio when I bought it new but still got stone chips pretty soon after.

    Also how much does it cost for the after marker Paint Shield? I know the dealer applied one it £275, but that obviously includes interior aswell.


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    I think you will find that Paint sheild is a clear plastic type film applied to the body work, bumper bonnet and part wings. If I understand you correctly that is. The VXL dealer stuff is Supaguard which as you rightly say is a protector for the interior as well. Supaguard is liquid based and does not stop or even reduce paint stone chips in my experience.

    I think persoanlly that paint shield is an excellent product for stopping/highly reducing stone chips.

    That said I think the Supaguard interior protector is also very good, especially if you have children as the marks come stright off (well usually).


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      sparky is spot on the vauxhall protection is a top coat that stops marks/ paint fade {look at old red vauxs} not stone chips. the paint shield stuff is like a clear film which stops the stones. if you are going to donnington this weekend then so am i have a look its good stuff.Its not cheep but respray is not cheep 450 pls vat normal kit as per web 650 pls vat full bonnet kit. For all your tuning needs