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VXR v RX8????

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  • VXR v RX8????

    Hi guys, another newbie to the site and impressed.

    Been looking at buying a new car over past few months and have quickly moved past the ST from the Civic type r fixing on the vxr.

    BUT - I love the look of the vxr from the outside but the interior is very plain and no real effort has been made to make it any different to the normal interiors (I had a Vectra as company car and it's basically the same)

    The RX-8 is a fantastic looking car inside and out

    Just wondered if anyone has any experience of the 2 or comments...

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    I had a play with an RX8 coming out of Swindon on the dual carriageway. He was trying to pull away from me but he couldn't.

    Yes it is an attractive car in the right colour and yes it is very nice inside, but for me I could never live with the fuel and oil consumption.


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      Fair comment about the oil and fuel, is there really that much difference in consumption?

      I think I'll have to test drive them both on the same day to get a better comparison


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        I understand that the RX8 is in the low 20's with normal driving. An Astra VXR will easily be in the high 20's possible low 30's.

        Obviously if you press the accelerator a bit to often then of course the figures will drop.


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          the performance on the rx8 ie 0-60 is less than vxr , the handling on country roads is not as good as the vxr and as mentioned fuel and oil consumption is crap a lad i know is consistantly getting 18-20 mpg with a litre of oil every 1000
          vxr are just a great all round sports car , we looked at st and wrx but went for the vxr due to the performance and looks
          guarentee you wont be disapointed


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            I had fallen hook line and the rest of it for the RX8 I think it is stunning, the innovation is fantastic, but it allways lacked power, I waited and waited for something like the PZ version that has just come out but even that is gutless in comparison to a standard VXR. If you a bit of a tarty hairdresser type around town the RX8 might suit you if you want all out blood and guts power for less than 25K its the VXR all the way with little or no competition.


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              Hi, i just sold mr RX-8 and am getting my VXR 2moro. The rX-8's are very nice looking and loaded with nice features but they are RUBBISH. I got around 15 mpg. I bought the car new and had it for one and a half years in which time i took it to mazda for repairs over 12 times. Fuel gauge twice, cat faied once, paint rusted on brake hubs 3 times, fins corroded etc... the car doesnt always start especially if u dont let it warm up before turning it off. Please dont waste your money on an rx-8. If a good company made them and they had a normal engine they would be great but thats not the case. Please take my word and dont buy one. Ben.


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                I test drove an RX 8 and agree with most of written above.

                From the outside they look superb, but I massively disagree withyour assessement that the inside is nicer. For me it is typical cheap Japanese plastics. Dont look classy at all. Some of the switchgear is the same as a mx5!

                Alos there are plenty of options that are available for the the VXR, all those gadgets that make the inside that much more fun. The rx-8 as far as im aware has none of this on the option list. It doesnt even have a trip computer.


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                  I also considered the RX8 when I bought the VXR. But it is a very cramped car inside, the rear seats are an ornament as are the funky doors, tried getting into the rear seat after setting the drivers seat in the right position, I couldn`t fit *lol* The boot is extra-tiny, the demo car had signs of corrosion on the alloys so I had a look at a couple more on the forecourt, all had corroded alloys which made them look rough, for some strange reason they have clear stickers on the rear wheel arch, looks tacky, and if you don`t have the optional vents fitted on the front wing it looks like a vw beetle .....

                  I never got as far as a test drive *lol*


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                    Most car forums also hae a wave, I believe the RX8 wave involves putting a number of fingers up at each other indicating how many engine changes your RX8 has had!!!


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                      Originally posted by M3power
                      Most car forums also hae a wave, I believe the RX8 wave involves putting a number of fingers up at each other indicating how many engine changes your RX8 has had!!!
                      LOL! Yeah, we should start a VXR wave where the number of fingers indicates how many RX8s you've shown up!

                      I've done one!! :wink:


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                        I did one in my car!!! not a VXR though!


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                          The only thing i can say on this matter ozzy!!(is you don't look at the mantlepiece when you are poking the fire)


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                            To be fair both cars have there pros & cons:


                            Sounds like a spitfire or motorbike
                            Not loved by Chavs
                            WILL outhandle the vxr despite less accesible power - see top gear lap times 1.31.8 vs. 1.33.0, 1.2sec/lap
                            The entire engine is behind the front wheel and is a compact 1300 unit so handling is beautiful.

                            Some quality problems
                            Oil use, but not as bad as people make out - 1/2 litre per 1000 miles
                            Fuel consumption 17-20mpg!!! This far outweighs anything spent on oil
                            Not too macho looking
                            Have to rev hard it to go anywhere, as not much torque but has a 10.5k limiter.

                            Engines are bulletproof. Very little quality issues throughout.
                            Feels twice as quick as rx-8 due to massive torque, you may get tennis elbow in left arm in rx-8 with the gear changes
                            Amazing value for money
                            Looks brutal - especially in red

                            Still an astra
                            Revered by chavs
                            Torque steer is shocking: 237+FWD??! - why don't Vauxhall release an AWD version? It would beat the Rx-8 then... thinking about it, it will beat an rx-8 if the track is a gentle left bend...

                            The main problem with the mazda is that even if you drive carefully and short shift everywhere your'e still going to get <22mpg, where as you'll be in the 30s with the VXR. But at least you won't look like a chav.

                            Hope this helps - although I think I've probably raised more questions than answered.

                            Seriously you'll love either!



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                              RX-8's turn heads - VXR's dont.

                              Typical Oil Consumption from experience is 0.5 Ltrs every 1500 miles - similar to many conventional engines. Obviously if you thrash it then it will use a nit more but so will all cars.

                              I average 28mpg overall which includes a lot of town driving. I ran mine in carefully and have noticed very little difference between the 8 and my previous car ( MX-5 ). I average about 33 on a long run.

                              The engine sounds like nothing else on the road when wound up.

                              The roadholding is awesome.

                              Its different!