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Warming UP and Orange Light

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  • Warming UP and Orange Light


    I have had my VXR for about 2 weeks. I have had this happen twice to me and just wanted to make sure it is normal.

    Obviously it is not good for any car to thrash it around when it is still cold I guess this is even truer of a turbo. So I usually wait for about 5 to 10 minutes before I give it some beans. Twice now (probably nearer 5 than 10) I have given it some beans and the orange light has come on and the turbo doesn't work. When this happens it seems to take about 15 minutes before the light guess out and a can thrash it. The second time I left the car for about 4 hours and the light was still on for an additional 15 minutes.

    So my questions are, is this a safety feature to protect the car? How long or what temperature do I need to wait to before I can rev it. And what is the rev limit I can go to when the car is cold before this feature kicks in.

    Is there something wrong with the car or am I just ignorant?


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    Personally This does not sound right at all.The Astra guys will confirm but I was not aware there was a inhibitor like this and for it to stay on for 15mins. I would get it back to the dealer to check as there will be a trouble code . Worth getting it checked to be safe.


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      book it in mate at your dealers


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        You're not ignorant but there is something wrong , get it to the dealer.