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had the car in the dealer ?

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  • had the car in the dealer ?

    has anyone had there front bumper *** loose and when i picked the car up from new the back window had a scratch on it and my boot lock is not working right just 2 see if anyone had this prob with theirs and iam wondering if anyone has had a noise when u put the car in 2 reverse it sounds like a clicking noise when u get the biting point just 2 see if anyone else has had any of these problems

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    Yep Been to the dealers Front Bumper has sprung out on the join by the headlamp. Wasnt good day one in the sun suddenly popped. Alleged a big job so put it off. Now waiting for Vauxhall to check it for warranty claim. Suggestion I had hit a kerb or bank. They have checked and proved wrong. Its a plastic clip on a bracket.
    Saw a black 06 in Arundel with same problem both sides !!!!!
    Safe Driving ! Andy