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Retro fit AFL??

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  • Retro fit AFL??

    Hi everyone,

    ordered my astra vxr 8th june and now due sometime in sep!! was just wondering what would be involved in fitting the bi-xenon headlights and cost as £750 seemed alot. not interested in the lights turning with steering just the look and visibility?

    also do you need to fit the washer jets and what effect would all this have on the warranty?

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    Was it an option you declined and now want?

    If so, have a word with your dealer, they may be able to "upgrade" your order


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      If the car has not gone past EC30 then it can be changed just as BO55 states


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        You can get aftermarket kits quite easily,

        Go to and look in the group buys forum, I'm sure there is a place in there that does good deals
        Sold - Arden Blue Astra VXR on 19's
        Ordered - Pure White Golf GTI on 18's (couldn't stomach paying for 19" tyres any more!)


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          mate where is SE London are you?
          there is 2 of us on here in that location with red VXR's
          both xenons and it is a nice feature to have


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            I am in Lee near blackheath, seen a red one in shooters hill area and bromley, couple of blues in greenwich and a silver one on A2.

            Will check with dealer tomorrow how far along the car is but still seems like alot £750. was thinking maybe getting the headlight units from a breakers as they are the same across the mk5 range, i think!

            saw a sporthatch with them and liked the look and also if you can get 6000k-12000k i like the colour also makes the car look more "top of the range"


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              there is 2 blues getting around in Greenwich, parked next to one at the north Greenwich Sainsburys, the one in Shooters Hill could have been me as i have headed over that way quiet a few times in the past few months , im in Rotherhithe. Which dealership did you order through?


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                They should have been standard on an Astra that costs £19K, I would really have liked them but I wasn't going to pay £750 for them


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                  Ordered from Whitmores in Chislehurst but also spoke with penfolds and w.j.king. probaly leave the xenons for now and upgrade later as 750 more is quite alot when you have to also pay for 19 yr old insurance !!! also think about saving for stage two

                  yer shud have been standard, was one of the reasons why i nearly bought a st3. has the full heated leather, xenons, 6cd, armrest, and other bits that you dont get on vxr

                  getting a 06 chevy lacetti 1.6 dropped off to me today as courtesy car until vxr gets here as 1 month delay

                  seems like some ppl are getting factory orders before me but placed order after me??? does this happen if you add xtras and not just 19s?

                  arden blue
                  full leather
                  parking sensors


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                    It can happen at anytime, depends on component stock I guess.
                    When I added BT to my car I checked with the folks at VXL to see if it would affected the delivery date. Some of the other ppl's cars may have been in the VSC ready for delivery or with other dealers where a transfer has occurred.

                    Do bare in mind that the AFL gives advantages over some of the aftermarket kits. As with all factory xenon's they have to adjust automatically. I understand AFL is expensive but unlike the Vectra getting Xenons as standard, the Astra has the base units. It may be worth thinking again, as these may help the resale value as ppl will be looking for those new options in a couple of years as standard, just like they do with Sat nav these days and sunroof's in previous years. Just my take on it chap.


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                      wouldnt get an aftermarket kit, would order genuine parts or buy from breakers. how much you think they would cost? afraid i just cannot justify £750


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                        cancel parking sensors you dont need them and put the money towards the afl, they are worth it


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                          I understand where you are coming from but I think Aussie is right. You can have some real good quality parking sensors for retor fit but retro fitting a set of AFL may turn out to be a real headache. I am not sure if the wiring will be inplace to fit (someone will proabbaly clarify this) as VXL do make several wiring looms for a car, such as one fitted with AFL and CD70 may be different to one with CD70 and IDS etc.

                          DOn't forget its not just the lights and buying them, You also need the levelling sensors and is the wiring in place for these.

                          Just again some of my further thoughts.

                          But in the best game host show way, the choice is yours.


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                            Originally posted by James
                            wouldnt get an aftermarket kit, would order genuine parts or buy from breakers. how much you think they would cost? afraid i just cannot justify £750
                            I'm sure there's more to installing AFL than just adding the light units, there must be some sort of computer interface and all sorts of ither stuff.

                            I would hazard a guess that doing this jobs yourself would not really save that much in terms of %ages as the parts would probably be quite costly and there is a small risk that adding AFL yourself, whether using offical Vxl new stock or 2nd hand parts may have a detrimental impact on any warranty / insurance claim.

                            Is this just a case that (a) you feel the cost is not good VFM, or (b) you physically cannot afford them.

                            IMHO it seems the like (a) to which I say just stump up the cash and get it done properly.. If you had problems, at least you'll have professional (sic) backup from VXL.

                            If (b), just forget about it start saving for the Stage 1/2/3


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                              decided just to ask for AFL from factory, spoke to dealers and he said that vauxhall wouldnt do it although he thinks it prob not to late. will speak with vxl myself tomorrow. if they cant do it then oh well i just want to get the car now AFL or not!!