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VXR track day at Snetterton 26th Aug

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  • VXR track day at Snetterton 26th Aug

    anyone interested in joining a group of us astra VXR owners on an organised track day at Snetterton on Sat 26th Aug
    price is £99 plus £20 for tuition which is cheap for a couple of hours on track

    there is a group of us VXR owners going off so if you are keen go to


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    TTT as theres not too many of us as this really is a superb deal.

    It was a cracking deal at £150, for £100, well, you'd be mad not to.

    If you've ever wanted to experience a track day, go for this, you won't find it much cheaper, plus you will be with other VXR owners.

    You only need to drive as quickly as you feel comfortable with.

    Come join us


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      Worried about damaging your car ? Your far safer on a track where you will not reach speeds far above 120, where you are observed every inch of the way, where there will be no head on death accidents. Get it on track, far safer than the open road thats for sure !!! A full track day usually costs twice this amount !!!


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        Have to say it is good value. for £99. But the thing about Snetterton, it is a quick circuit as the 2 main straights are very long. When I had a converted Mk2 Astra GTE with a calibra turbo lump, both VXRKev and I would exceed 124mph(speedo reading) on the back straight, so don't be surprised to get the same or more out of the Astra's. But the best bit is the Bomb whole, and the esses, thats where the fun starts in my opinion.


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          I am very very tempted. Could anyone recomend anywhere to get track day insurance??