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blue dash LEDs

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  • blue dash LEDs

    Anyone on here now how hard this would be to do, or fancy trying and posting a how to guide....

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    Yes please!

    I have been waiting for something like this to come along! As far as I am concerned the only thing I have been disapointed with on the VXR is the stupid orange lights aroung the dash, that dont match the Whites on the dials!

    Anyone know where to buy this stuff?


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      wow that looks gr8 , looks bloody time consuming tho


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        would love to be able to do this! It was the best thing about my Mark IV Golf!!

        Not sure it woud be possible to change the bulbs in the stereo cd70 or cdc30 though....


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          the opis had an after market stereo in it.

          a Vectra 'B' from vectra-sport had done it to his but it took ages.

          Does look loads better than the std illuniation.

          i would like mine red like an AUDI as i have a red car.


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            if you are good with soldering iron its not too bad did my vectra st in about 6 hrs got the leds from e bay or u can get all bits already done then just fit them, then spoke to the chap about astra vxr he would have done it at cost +pics was not that keen as he is in north east, plus i think im going to do them my self in red the led for vectra cost £15 all in.

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