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Back Brake Problem Anyone else ??

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  • Back Brake Problem Anyone else ??


    Has anyone else got uneven wear on there back Discs.

    Both mine have wear on outside and inside but not the middle + i have got some grooving as well.
    Car only done 5000 miles.

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    hi my front & rear brakes are a mess ,rears all gone black over heated the fronts grooved what a mess going in on 23 so vaux can have look will let u no what hay say. For all your tuning needs


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      Thanks for that Dave.

      I am offshore just now ,wife took Car in and they are ordering new Disc's, and Calipers (well told wife to make sure we get new Calipers to)

      The problems i am having is Starting to take the edge off the Car

      My Car has been in 6 times with diffrent problems, and they still havent got the near side seat sorted.

      But its still a hell of a good Ride lol.


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        hows things offshore hope your better half got things sorted had mine in today, service manger came out had a look hes orded me new disks pads calipers for all 4 corners in 8 sept for fitting. For all your tuning needs


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          Hi, Dave mine was in today i think, but wife was saying to me the other day that they were not changing the Calipers unless there was a leak, bummer wish i was there at the time, would of made sure i got new ones.
          Lets hope they will be ok.
          11 days to go and counting off here ,never mind ill be home for my big 40 lol .


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            i would insist the calipers were changed and if they still say NO then i would look for another dealer some fot your seat problem.

            I drive 100m round trip to get mine looked at as the local dealers dont have the first idea whats going on with a performance car but are ok on the everyday ones.