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    Which is the most restrictive part to the standard exhaust?

    If you have the downpipe ONLY and keep the rest of the standard exhaust with just the Stage1 remap I believe that you are getting better cooling(gas release) to the engine but I believe i'm also right in thinking that you are just moving the restriction of gases to the cat!!???? you are still getting a heat build up thus creating a certain amount of power loss.

    Where as if you go for the cat back ONLY you are still getting rid of the gases due to the sports cat and there is no restriction further on down the exhaust so this may be best plus you get the sound.

    What I do know is that I could go for a stage 2 but I think it would be just too much funds wise, so im trying to look for alternatives that still give me extra power(stage 1 for definate), engine longevity, cooling.

    I just could not no matter what others say get a remap without getting some sort of 'release' to the engine.

    My other concern(i haven't many :? ) is that becuase i'm effectively having different parts to the exhaust ie some parts kept as standard, some parts milltek, then there will be problem's with the engine management system.

    Can anyone that reads this please give me their opinion because i would really like to make a decision on which way to go. I'm getting sleepless nights!!!!!! I have had some good advice from various people so far but I guess I want as many thoughts as I can.


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    Personally speaking Boom, I would got for the full system, i know it costs more but at least youve got the full vaux warranty to go with it (Milltek that is)
    John from TMS put up a post somewhere regarding warranty with the stage 2, you are covered with them either way.


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      Mate I hear what you are saying and I do realise that warranty is covered with a stage 2 but the reality is, i'm afraid, is that I haven't got the dollar to have it done having reviewed finances.


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        down pipe, cat back milltek and a stage 1 remap, i think you will get away with stage 2 remap, worth asking


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          Best for engine - full system then save up for remap
          Best for £ - precat, cat back and stage 1 (possibly 2, I'd give it a go at least but it would cut top end power)

          Precat accounts for approx 25%-35% of the power gains of the full system, the cat the rest (rear box gains are negligible)


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            I too did think the way you are thinkin Boom1, and did have the cat back only fitted when I first got the car. Having since seen the light and having the rest of the sytem put on I can catagoricaly say that the catback system gives no gains in power whatsoever, and hardly improves the sound either, it would be far better to wait to have the full system fitted. Get used to the standard car for a few months, try and have a trial in one of the tuners cars, both Thorney Motorsport and Coutenays have cars they are more than willing to let you have a drive in, you will then be able to truly appreciate the increases in power and more importantly to me personally the sound improvement. Miltek first, remaps of any stage second !


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              Please realise I have never tuned my previous car's before.

              I initially booked my car in with TMS for the full system but(no fault of their own)they hadn't had the parts come through yet from milltek. So it gave me an opportunity to take a step back and think about what I want from spending over a 1k. I spoke to TMS and other tuners about possibly getting more power gains for my initial spending but also taking into consideration any further upgrades I could go with ie stage 2, complete full system.

              From what I have read and heard and having spoken to a fair few people over the phone a stage 1 on it's own without ANY exhaust upgrades isn't the way to go.

              I have spoken to dave at VXPC who is a great guy with loads of knowledge. Unfortuntely in the back of my mind there was still this thing about the 280bhp as quoted been a figure that would never be achieved with a straight forward map and also bearing in mind they have no rolling road/dyno etc so I would have to take the time out to get figures on a rolling road somewhere and then run the risk of been gutted if it shows gains up to 250bhp

              I do realise though that it's how the car feels once the works done and VXPC let you decide when you get on the road which is not wrong in itself. Thats how they market themselves.

              TMS appears to have great reputation and there are loads on the forums that have had work done by them. They appear to know what they are doing and they advised the various ways of doing things without going to stage 2.

              Stage 2 is the way to go, I know that, but it's down to money at the end of the day. If you come from a postion, like I have, where you have never tuned a car in your life and this is completely new to you, spending £1700 can be quite daunting. Before, the only thing I would spend that much money on would be to travel round the world!

              In the end I spoke with Courtneys and I was impressed with their knowledge straight away and their attitude. So I have opted to use them.

              I am going to get a stage 1 with the downpipe to start with the option of upgrading at a later date. This way I can spend under 1 k and drive way with a car that is pushing 265+bhp instead of paying £1200 and driving away with a car thats pushing 245/250bhp(full system).

              Also I went for them as I never seem to see them much on these forums. It comes across as if they don't need to, there reputations speaks for itself. Obviously I haven't had the work done yet and it could all go t*ts up but to any new to this game its just the way I have done it.

              With all the reputable tuners out there it is very difficulty to know who to go with. I am sure all would be good.

              Basically all this shows is what an addictive car the VXR is. :P


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                So you think your the only one who is doing this for the first time ! My first time too, big mistake not having the full system, which I quickly realised and rectified. Power gains from full system 18-20BHP and its obvious, you can feel the difference. Less stress for your engine while you save up for the remap !


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                  I'm not wanting to start the whole Magnex/Milltek debate, but had you thought of the Magnex exhaust and [email protected]£599 and the stage 1/2 [email protected]£550,

                  Probably Not quite the 280BHP quoted, as you keep the standard Cat, but deffo better than standard.
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                    thats the same as going a milltek cat back, front downpipe and mapping, Courtenays do that already