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  • Aftermarket Stereo

    Anyone managed to fit an afterarket stereo?

    I've asked the garage n apparently its not recommended!

    I have a sony cdx-m8800, which i'd like to put in...

    any one know where i'd get the cables so the steering controls still work too?


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    ih there have a look at thay have a ice section all on its own by the look on there most things are been done For all your tuning needs


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      cheers...i'll take a look at it!


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        ive fitted an alpie tv head unit in mine much better than the standard system lead to 2 days to order


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          Does you steering wheel controls still work?...

          Alway what extra cabling did you require if any!



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            Originally posted by nelly
            ive fitted an alpie tv head unit in mine much better than the standard system lead to 2 days to order
            Any pics Nelly?


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              I`ve got an Alpine Multmedia Centre that I would like to install into my VXR too, so is it easy to install aftermarket stereos into these, as every other car I`ve had the looms have been identical to those supplied with the head unit.

              There mention of additional wiring to enable the steeing wheel controls to stil work where are these available?

              Just a quick question, will he on board computer still work with a aftermarket stereo or does that require an extra lead?


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                autoleads can supply you with the leads for the stereo, a second lead from autoleads will also allow for the steering controls to work...

                not sure about alpline, but the JVC require - PC99-X80 and PC99-JVC!

                ive not fitted an after market stereo yet, however i did try and its not too difficult (i had a sony i was gonna use, but then stopped half way through installing the system as i decided i wanted a DVD player), however, am not sure about the trip computer!

                hope this helps!


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                  You'll have to wait another month or so for the wiring harnessfor Sony headunits that works BOTH the sterring controls and the display - there were a few last minute problems that needed sorting I was informed but its on its way.

                  Not cheap either - expect to pay £70-80 for the wiring loom


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                    I would say that the garage are talking out there A**es and would take what they say with a pinch of salt.

                    But I would suggest having a look on this site for M40COO ice install post as it covers pretty much everything. For a comprehensive how to with loads of piccies and for a list of steering wheel controls, there part numbers cost and who makes them then, is the site you want to visit, as they have a fully comprehenive list of all the maufacturers that make steering wheel controls in there ICE forum and the how to in the How too forum.