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    Does anyone know where I can get my Astra VXR Remapped in Sheffield? Wheres best to go? And does all places charge the same? If I found a cheap place would the job be crap and the car suffer in the long term? any one had any problems?

    Finally, is the power difference noticable...and does the fuel economy go crap?

    Thanks in advance!

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    IMO you should probably travel to one of the more recognised tuners, Thorney Motorsport, Courtenay, VXPC, Regal etc.
    Its all about peace of mind at the end of the day. I travelled from the north of Scotland to Thorney in Milton Keynes for the stage 2 rather than go to someone i hadnt heard of.
    Its a good day out (or 2) and you get a great drive home!!


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      thanks for the info...

      i'll look more into it, only had my VXR for about a week so not remapping just yet...need to get used to the 240BHP i already

      so, any info on the fuel consumption after the remapping?

      also, what do you think to


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        A Superchips dealer can supply a Thorney Motorsport map (you need to ask for it specifically).


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          well I asked, and they said they do not have a special map from you guys.....

          Can you let me know how you go about getting it....

          or do we have to travel to you....



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            Hi t20lau,

            You'll certainly notice the difference with a remap. Changes the car completely and oh the power in sport mode!! You'll love it!

            You probably won't notice any difference in fuel consumption, I haven't. It does depend though. If you keep sport on all the time and floor it a lot then naturally it will go down. I've done over 17k miles on a stage 1 remap now and the mpg has dropped by 1mpg to 25mpg and I love the power and sport mode!

            For a stage 1 you should expect to pay between £500-600.

            You may not have heard but there is soon to be another tuner option for those in the North. Dave Peace (davidof if you want to PM him or who used to work for VXR PC is setting up on his own soon. He will be based in Yorkshire I believe so less distance to travel for you. I assume he'll be providing a remapping service but best to contact him for further info!

            As said though, use one of the well known tuners as mentioned rather than some cheap unknown place. The tuners mentioned (include David above) are well known on here and other forums so you can't go wrong. If it's cheap, it's cheap for a reason.