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Arden colour!

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  • Arden colour!

    Is it just me this happens to but are f##kin seaghulls attracted to the arden colour ??

    Every week now at least 2-3 times a week my car will get **** on no matter where it is haha, weather it be outside of work or coming home from Working nights at early hours in the morning!!

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    Im sure there attracted to the Shiny Blue colour because its always when ive had it cleaned aswell haha!!

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    I recommend this

    Joking aside, i feel your pain with a white car attracting flies and bugs


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      Ha, I have the same problem but luckily I own a car wash so it's not to bad.


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        Yes mate I have the same problem, and it's worse straight after a wash!!!!

        I've been told by some clever bloke that's it's something to do with shiny blue looking like water from the air so they **** on it thinking it's a pool or lake! Lol
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          Bit random but wer bouts u live as iv seen a vxr wid a lee plate on it around my area few weeks back


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            My Burg liked flies

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