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dynabeam owners help please!

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  • dynabeam owners help please!

    hi there i bought a new N/S dynabeam headlight from German ebay . It bends ok and works fine , but iv noticed the chrome bezel ring around the projector glass on the German one is bigger than the UK one . In fact it looks like the UK one has a smaller bezel and a good 10mm spacing around the dish , also there is a spacing near the side light ? at first i was like .. well its no big deal , but then i noticed the scuff mark on the chrome ring . The picture isn't great but you can just see the mark . Im now in the process of messaging the German ebayer via ebay using the google translator feedback would be greatly appreciated . regards Tim

    this is one of the original pair that i first bought

    and this is the german one , can you see the mark on the bezel

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    struggling to see the mark.

    if its come from germany then the light will be set up for right hand drive and not left hand drive in the uk.

    to make the lights point in the right direction - forgetting the sself test stuff - then there will be diffrerent gaaps around the edges of the lights. my driver light has a bigger gap aound it then the passenger as the light has to be angled more towards to the kerb where it should be, hope this makes sense. so dont be expecting to have equal spaces around both lights. also, they lights move inwards and outwards when manually adjusting them and with the bezel and surround being a chrome design it can give the appearence that one light is sat really far back, like in your first pic.

    from the pic's that you have supplied they look fine to me.


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      I have to agree, the light you have bought will be for a lhd car
      I do doubt you will be able to adjust it to uk standard and will fail an mot if picked up
      Its because the beam will flick up to the wrong side therefore in the eyes of the drivers on the other side of the road
      iv had uk cars in germany for many years now and have alway had to buy a set of euro spec lights for them.
      Only really new AFLs will actually adjust between full uk and euro spec

      My advice would be to send it back and find yourself a uk spec one
      hope you get it sorted
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