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alot of smoke this morning

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  • alot of smoke this morning

    Hey all, i started my car this morning and there was some white smoke coming from the exhaust for around 30 seconds then went back to normal, it also feels down on power,

    any ideas?

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    Sure it wasn't moisture?



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      yeah im sure mate it was white smoke, only for around 30 seconds then nothing


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        sounds like just a build up on condensation in the exhaust which is normal and once engine starts it evaporates through the exit of the exhaust , you may even notice drips of water coming out of exhaust aswell on start up ,


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          thats ok then, i saw it this morning smoked the place out, and nearly **** my pants before i got to work.


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            as for feeling down on power that could be a number of things , the warmer air intake could be one , making sure temps are up before your right foot becomes heavier also helps , or even just in your head as you were worried about the white smoke so held of a little without realising ,
            also hearing of over peoples problems on here can make you a bit paraniod , when i had my vxr i was checking fluid levels once a months along with checking for fault codes using the pedal test , not to mention driving with the window open on freezing cold days just listing out for noises that wasn`t there ( ok the remus was to blame for that most of the time )

            seen as i mentioned the pedal test heres a link explaining more just incase you didn`t know about it


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              yeah I did the pedal test mate no codes at all.

              I don't normally listen out for noises was just a little paranoid due to the smoke, but then to think about it sensibly when I did use my right foot it did shift

              Thanks for your help guys!


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                White smoke ? thats def normally condensation and moisture . Blue smoke is burning oil of some kind, and you'd def know if it was blue smoke

                Mines was quite bad the other night with white smoke, but then you could feel the humidity in the air


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