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Fitting the 1.9 CDTI airbox conversion.... will it affect the "noise" ?

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  • Fitting the 1.9 CDTI airbox conversion.... will it affect the "noise" ?

    Afternoon folks !

    Was wondering if someone can possibly let me know the following please... anyone whos fitted the 1.9 CDTI airbox / pipework conversion ideally...

    I am looking at doing this conversion on my VXR, but at present i really like the "vxr whoosh" that the exhaust gives out under boost, and dont want to lose that, i know that it would be lost by changing exhaust, but will it disappear by changing the airbox to the cdti conversion and pipework from standard vxr airbox?

    Also what are the gains by doing this, and is it "necessary" to the the exhaust as well as filter, or are there benefits from just doing the airbox conversion alone.

    Any overfuelling / underfuelling / MAF issues by doing this mod alone?

    Cheers in advane


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    I can't technically see any reason why you would lose the exhaust noise from fitting this but i'm sure other will confirm that. In terms of benefits, many on here have said this is a cure for the 'flat spot' that the astra is renowned for around the 4k rpm mark, you won't really see any noticeable performance gains from the cdti alone


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      You will not lose any noise, if anything you can here the turbo a slight bit more.


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        if you like the whoosh sound from the turbo spooling you`ll like the sound even more once the cdti box is fitted