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    Hi I have just fitted my CID. All working fine and paired perfectly.

    Its running from a CD30 MP3.

    Does anyone know how to change the display icon when you turn the ignition on??

    It has the Vauxhall griffin at the moment and I want the OPC logo Or the VXR logo.

    Do I need to do this with the tech 2 or can I do it through the radio settings.

    Thanks in advance.
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    needs tech2 or ***** to change it im afraid mate
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      Cheers Mossie how the hell do I do it though!!! Is it me being blind I cant find the option!!!


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        i dont know if im honest mate
        i had mine changed by someone else as i dont have tech2

        im guessing you have though?
        im sure one of the guys on here could give you direction though
        Insignia SRi VX-Line RED
        ^^Click here to see it^^


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          Yeah I have, Like I say I've just divorced my BID and married the CID but can't seem to find the options to change it.

          Stupid thing is I've done it before in a mates about two years ago!!

          Must be old age!!! I've forgotten!

          Help me Stampede!!!!!!!! LOL


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            What code CID are you using as bn is definately able to do this as I've got it the ks you are unable to change logo
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              are you using op com or *******?
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                Sorted it mate, Just been and had another play.

                Me being stupid,

                Tech 2 Its in variant configurations but I missed the option.

                Thanks guys.


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                  Its a BN CID. Ta