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Kumho ku39's

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  • Kumho ku39's

    Is anybody else using these on an Astra VXR with 19's?

    Last week I had four fitted as my Continental Sport Contact 2's were near the limit.

    I must admit after one week I'm impressed so far. They seem to grip well in the dry and wet, and they are a lot quieter than the continentals were.

    They have a treadwear rating of 280 so hopefully should last a while.

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    I am thinking of trying these next or Falken's. The contis have been good but I think there are better value tyres about. Would you say they are better all round than the conti's?


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      i like these tyres was very impressed too


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        I guess it's too early to tell whether or not they end up being better than the continentals just yet.

        They don't seem any worse that's for sure, and are definitely quiet and a lot cheaper.

        They obviously feel great at the moment but then they should do as I've been used to the continentals that were near to the limit.


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          I have only ever tried the ku31 which were very good.


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            Originally posted by Cobers VXR View Post
            I have only ever tried the ku31 which were very good.
            Last week I also had two ku31's fitted on the front of our Zaffy GSi. They have a treadwear rating of 340. The Bridgestone RE050's that were previously on there only had treadwear rating of 140 and only lasted about 8 months.


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              this is an interesting read:

              My Autumn photoshoot in Epping Forest is here:
              And a random one in the car park here:


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                Originally posted by nia View Post
                The individual reviews from this link seem to be mainly positive: -



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                  No idea about the KU39's, but I am running 2 KU31's on the front and I will say there grip feels better than the conti sport contact 2's. In the dry and wet. I have had them on since November last year and the tread is down to 4mm across the tyre already, and I've only done just shy of 3000 miles. I certainly wouldn't say I was an aggressive driver, but I do like my country roads.

                  The KU31's though seem to be able to handle my stage 2 power very easilly in 2nd gear in the dry, and in the wet they are pretty damn good too.


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