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Enlarged tophat? £100 alternatives?

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  • Enlarged tophat? £100 alternatives?

    Is there any point in getting an enlarged tophat if you have the oe intercooler? If not, are there any benefits in the engine bay for £100? Recirc valve? Cool thermostat? Guessing the recirc replacement is for durability so if it aint broke etc and cool stat make negligible (but some) difference?

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    When I installed my larger tophat and powerpipe, the torque increased noticeably.
    Arden Astra VXR - Mods: Stage 2 EDS 286.3bhp / 357.7lbft, Milltek race LOUD exhaust, Whiteline adjustable RARB, 6000k HIDs, Percy CDTI, Powerpipe + Tophat, Oil restrictor bolt + breather box, Debadged, Arden boot strip, Team HEKO wind deflectors, Private plate


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      every little helps

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        The bigger top hat helps the power to hang on at the top end, I used to run the courtenay one with the std ic.
        Recirc valve, I'm still on my original and its showing no signs of failing, took it out just the other week just to check. Some make claims that the replacement ones allow the boost to build quicker after a gear change, I've measured the boost recovery time around .3 seconds on the standard valve, can't see you getting it much quicker.
        Cool running thermostat, complete waste of money.


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          I can't get my silicone hose to fit the enlarged plenum


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            Valve is a waste of money unless yours has split. I wish i bought the top hat instead.