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  • Cleaning/Waxing Products

    Hi Guys,
    Just wondering what you would all recommend to clean and wax the car so that we get best results and shine for the elbow grease that we put in.

    Had my car safeguard'd, and since then have washed twice with the safeguard shampoo and applied single coat of the cream that came in the pack. Not sure how often this kinda stuff should be applied to protect the paint from fading, or if there is something better that I should use - and hopefully not too expensive.

    Any and all comments gratefully received, and who knows once I've cleaned it proper might even post some piccies to show results. Cheers.

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    I use Turtle wax Extreme Nano....wash with turtle wax shampoo and then three coats of wax. Seems to work for me.

    Mind you it has been a week since I last cleaned it - The shame, the shame!


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      Looks good, do you know how well it protects the car from fading, birdcrap, etc?


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        Wel, bird poo....that never stays on the bodywork long enough. As for fading, who knows, time will tell - however, I have had red cars in the past and haven't had a problem with fading whilst using TW.