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opened the front grille for bit more air..

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  • opened the front grille for bit more air..

    After seeing this on a few cars thought id give it a go.

    at first i tryed with a stanley blade then a file, then a heatgun.
    all worked but wasnt quick and took some tidying up...

    so out came the angle grinder with a linishing pad on.

    took it to the rear of the grille and took about 2mm off the back and the plastic bits just fell out and left a perfect neat hole. took about 10 minutes including cleaning it off.

    can see the cooler alot more now through the bumper and should get a bit more air through aswell.

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    told you would look alot better well smart jay


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      robbed your idea tom and adds. lol looks alot beter i like it. just got to get that nice forge cooler behind there now. lol thought i was going to be there all day untill the grinder came out. really neat aswell they just all pushed out, got a brush and scrubbed the plastic bits off left from the linisher.


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        a sharp knife was all you needed to do that lol but looks like you ended up with the desired result


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          crike jay, you were only talking about that yesterday, mind if your fitting intercoolers at stupid oclock this would be a walk in the

          Just out of interest do you have to take the bumper off to remove the grill???


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            I tryed with a knife but it seemed to take a while and had to keep getting it neat so after a few i gave up and the grinder took a few minutes.

            I thought it get it done as im bit busy in the week got a mot inspection at work etc.

            yes you have to take the bumper off, which takes a few minutes. 2 screws either side arch, few clips on the undertray, and remove the V grille. i didnt actualy take the grille off the bumper to do it though i just put the bumper face down on some old boot carpet that was lying around.

            and i really wanted to get that intercooler on for the dyno but glad i didnt now in a way. lol could have had a extra few hours in bed but i made up for that today..


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              Sorry, what have you done? Am i missing summat in the pic?


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                How did you do it exactly? Looks good


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                  now look back at my grille..

                  its holey, amen..


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                    its for this reason i got an xp2 grille and fogs which are smooth...
                    ..... gone but not forgotten.....

                    Auto Repair:All mechanical and bodywork carried out,services and diagnostics.....


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                      Originally posted by BIG J View Post
                      How did you do it exactly? Looks good
                      you remove the bumper.
                      i left the grille in place, you can remove it. but i left it in place it was easy to work on, i put the bumper face down on a bit of boot carpet at work lying around. first i tryed a few ways, stanley knife to cut the holes out, then a heatgun to make the plastic soft and push the bit plastic through. the heatgun worked the best but non were neat and needed tidying up after.

                      so i tryed another way
                      i got a angle grinder, changed the wheel/blade to a linishing/sanding pad. ran this over the rear of the grille where the plastic bits blocked the honeycomb holes off, because that bit of plastic is about 1 mm at the rear you just grind that much down and the bit of plastic just drops out with a little push and leaves a perfect neat hole. takes seconds for each one with the grinder makes a nice nice job too. just needs cleaning up after with a bit of soapy water to get the grinded plastic off bits off, they sort of stick to everything like static.


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                        Yeah do it this way ^^^^ and not cut each one out individual like i did and waste 3 evenings


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                          or get a sharp pointed knife and do it with the grille and bumper in place from the front, use a pair of long nose pliers to remove the scrap. 10 minute job


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                            Originally posted by smokinvxr View Post
                            or get a sharp pointed knife and do it with the grille and bumper in place from the front, use a pair of long nose pliers to remove the scrap. 10 minute job
                            lol one by one? Just cut them out and pull the bits out?


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                              Yeah good way,not for me tho my knife skills arnt the best and i gathered id end up buying new hoses after id cut through them