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Bue smoke - Turbo or stem seals?

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  • Bue smoke - Turbo or stem seals?

    Evening guys & gals.

    Ive noticed a bit of oil smoke over the past few weeks, mainly on startup after being left overnight. However this was intermittent, it wouldn't smoke every morning. Its now smoking a little almost everytime. It has now progressed to where a friend of mine noticed it as i pulled out of the drive from cold earlier today. It also smokes a small amount if left idling & the throttle is blipped.

    Now were not talking plumes of smoke, just a puff, unsure of how much when i pulled out of the drive.

    Ive had the boost pipes off from the intercooler to the throttle body & they're as clean as a whistle.

    Ive read in a post that the turbo seals usually fail on the exhaust side first, so there would be no oil in the boost pipes anyway if this is the case.

    The car is just shy of 48k, definately on the original turbo. I have fitted an oil restrictor bolt.

    Not noticed any excessive oil usage yet, maybe half a marker on the dipstick (100ml?) This isn't accurate as ive noticed the level changes depending on which way round the dipstick is facing when you check it! However ive probably done only 600 miles or so since i first noticed it, it hasn't used any in the 5k before hand though.

    The car is under a "Car Care Plan" warranty, however i work for the dealer that would be carrying out the work so would like to have a good idea of what it is before submitting the quote to the warranty as i will have to fork out for an official diagnostic otherwise.

    Just to add, i only noticed the smoke first just after i fitted a Milltek cat back exhaust. Probably because i was standing behind the car when someone else started it.

    Being as its only a cat back, is it likely that the exhaust has caused this? Im assuming not, as the back pressure from the two original cats is still there.

    Now if the warranty company decide they want to send an assessor down to look, would it be wise to fit the original exhaust back to the car? Even though it probably has nothing to do with the problem?

    Sorry for the long post chaps, thought i'd get as much info as possible in!

    Thanks in advance for any info given.
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    just a bit of blue smoke mate, not an issue! to be fair i think most peoples do it, whether they admit it or not!

    every vauxhall meet stinks of oil lol! just crappy oil seals on the turbo, nothing really to worry about

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      Thanks bud. Anyone else's suffer with this?


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        Come on, there must be someone!!


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          Yeah I have seen this on mine, I just got told to put millers 10w60 oil in mine and take the restrictor bolt out it's been fine since


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            Also r u running a original vauxhall oil filter ?


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              Yeah running a proper vauxhall filter, why? How would taking the restrictor bolt out help, or is that in relation to the thicker oil?


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                Each to there own on the bolt I suppose but your putting a restrictor in the flow of oil so the pressure has to build up somewere rubber seals being the weak link I think them bolts cause more damage than good, I have seen cheap pattern filters cause trouble on these engines before.


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                  I was then about to put a post up about my new astra, it's running stage and after being left to idle for a while the as I pull away I get a puff of White/blueish smoke, but then it clears itself and is fine after that? I havnt a clue?


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                    Well that's wat mine was doing I changed the oil to 10w60 with a orignal oil filter and got rid of the restrictor bult now mine is fine no smoke and I'm running stage 3 with a hybrid turbo


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                      The pressure would only build up at the oil pump, no other oil fed components in the engine are fed like the turbo so it cant blow past any other seals. The stem seals just have oil around them so it cant be pushed past by high pressure.


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                        Originally posted by fletch_vxr View Post
                        I was then about to put a post up about my new astra, it's running stage and after being left to idle for a while the as I pull away I get a puff of White/blueish smoke, but then it clears itself and is fine after that? I havnt a clue?
                        Mine does this if left to idle long enough, as soon as the throttle is blipped it'll blow a very small amount out the exhaust. The oil level still hasn't dropped for a few weeks so its hardly any oil at all!