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Rattle Vibration at 2500 - 3000rpm, thoughts?

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  • Rattle Vibration at 2500 - 3000rpm, thoughts?

    Hi folks,

    A rattle, vibration has appeared at ~2500rpm, vanishes by ~3000rpm. Its loud enough inside the cabin, but when the hood is up I can't hear a thing under the bonnet other than standard engine reving.

    If you are accelerating hard up the revs there is no sound, though thats possibly because you are in that 500rpm bracket for such a short period in this case, you can hear it in gear when engine braking and also when stationary but reving to 2500rpm.

    The car is accelerating and pulling fine.

    Could it possibly be in the dash and not the bay? Anyone heard of this before?

    I left it into VXL and they charged me £33 and said they don't know lol.

    Thoughts appreciated,
    VXR Man Slave
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    just a radom geuss, worth a look , heat sheild ?

    hope you find the problem,
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      I had a similar vibration/rattle that sounded as if it was underneath the dash. It turned out to be the top bracket that holds the airbox, near the strut turret. The single bolt that holds it in place was loose. Would take mere seconds to check, i over looked it many times.


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        Thanks guys for the input. The airbox has been changed recently from a Courtenay one back to standard. Fingers crossed


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          Do u have a remus as the cats are know 2 rattle as the pops and bangs dislodge the baffles.


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            Mine does this too, although I haven't localised the source of the rattle yet.


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              i had a vibration coming from somewhere and toke me 4 months to find out it was the engine mounts that were f...ked ..i only replaced the back and more vibration THANK GOD !!


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                Had a rattle that could not find, finally just chequed the engine right mount torque setting just under the filter box.
                Retighted and rattle dissapeared.
                Anyway there is a field remedy about rattle coming from a pipe of aircon touching the body.


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                  Thanks for all the input, car is off getting some scratches repaired but I'll check it tomorrow and update here.

                  Thanks again,