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Bloody air con!

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  • Bloody air con!

    Had the air con re gassed 2 weeks ago. Worked fine until today and guess what, no cold air again! Any coming probs you guys have had otherwise it's back to the stealer!

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    My air con is playing up just now and is off to the stealers tomorrow morning! I popped in last week about it to say its not working and making a whining noise. 1 of the mechanics had a quick look and said it could just need re gassing but it sounds like the compressor is gone!! An if it has gone they said your looking about £500-600! They told me to speak to Vauxhall Customer Care as the car is only just out of warranty and has full Vauxhall service history. VX customer care have now raised a case against it and want a proper diagnosis done on the car and they then went onto mention that they would make a contribution towards the costs..... Will see what happens tomorrow
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      Is your car still under warranty, mine is a 2006 so is way out of cover


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        Mines knackered as well. Cars going back for the fifth time since April to be looked at.