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Camber adjustment

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  • Camber adjustment

    I need to get my camber done on the Vxr. The back left tyre seems to be facing in wards and my back right tyre faces out wards... Just wondering what are the stadard settings to ask for on a 4 wheel alignment?
    Also does any of you know any good places in Cardiff area?
    Cheers in advance!

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    you cant adjust the rear its on a fixed beam and from what you say its the track thats out not the camber, have you had car from new. For all your tuning needs


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      Originally posted by vxrdave View Post
      you cant adjust the rear its on a fixed beam.
      You can, you just need to shim the hub, same to correct the toe.


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        Shim the hub? I Wouldnt know how to do that myself? Will the tyre place know what u mean?


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          I'd hope so, but if you have a massive difference between the two wheels you'd be better finding a new ,straight, beam. Which is it that's out toe or camber?


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            Originally posted by andrewt1971 View Post
            You can, you just need to shim the hub, same to correct the toe.
            yes but thats not whats needed here is it, if its like he saying something is up, the shims you talk of are for making minor adjustments,from std.

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              Iv taken it to a garage who said u can't adjust the rear!! He said he will give it a go if i give him more info.
              I will post a picture later to show u guys the problem. It's just the left rear that faces inward.. (way better to see in person) cheers for your help..
              If I give the guy these settings
              Should it all be looking good?
              Also another question ( sorry to be a pain)
              If I bought some shims for the rear does that mean you can adjust the camber, were as standard you can't?
              Really appreciate your help guys!


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                Factory settings are,


                camber - .3 deg neg
                caster - 4.0 deg neg
                toe - parallel


                toe - .5mm in
                camber - 1.25 neg

                and you will need some thing like this but is it not toe you need not camber,

                toe is front to rear on wheel camber is top to bottom of wheel


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                  Please see pictures for your comments:

                  Look how low the wheel is with reference to the bodywork on the left rear of the car:
                  Now on this next picture see how high the wheel sits on the right hand side of the car:

                  Different veiw on both sides (showing gaps between wheel and bodywork):
                  Left Side
                  Right Side

                  Like i Said it looks like the left wheel sits in a bit.
                  Any thoughts will be apprecaited?

                  Will a 4 wheel allignment sort this?



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                    Strange, doesn't look like the camber or the toe is at fault. More like the whole rear beam needs shifting to the left a touch, which will bring the r/h wheel in, and the l/h out. Im not sure if this can be done though...........


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                      A wheel alignment of the rear should help you diagnose any problem. Depending on the data from the rear wheel alignment, it might be worth measuring the wheel base, ie from the centre of the front hub to the centre of the rear hub on both sides of the car. This will tell you if the beam axle is square across the car. Possibly one of the rear trailing arms is bent.

                      As for the front, only the toe is adjustable on a standard car. You will need to fit adjustable camber pins and adjustable caster bushes. Whiteline make that stuff which is available from a number of tuners in the UK, eg Courtenay Sport.


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                        what is the trailing arm? Please forgive my mechanical noviceness....
                        Do you reckon just the one side trailing arm as that side is facing inwards?