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Traction control light - help please

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  • Traction control light - help please

    Hi Everyone.

    My VXR that was stolen recovered is now at VX.

    The Traction Control Light keeps coming on and off while driving :S
    The rear o/s wheel is not standing straight and don't know what part got done in.
    Now is this light error due to the damage at the back or something else?

    Also from last odo reading its done 78miles and the fuel tank was empty (It was fully FULL when it got stolen)... Could they have thrashed it around that much?
    Am I looking for a new ABS unit or something?

    Also the turbo sounds a little funny :S How do I know if the turbo is on its way out?

    Any help at all will be appreciated! ThAnKS!
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    i dont think even if they drove it flat out every single second it would burn a full tank in 78 miles

    Fully loaded flame red VXR! 19's,AFLs,IDS,rear sensors,bluetooth, cruise control,climate control,full leather,heated seats, sat nav,cooled glove box,de-badged,eibach sportlines,REMUS,insignia jets,oil restrictor,K&N filter,red fogs & boot strip,carbon window strips & door pillars, black front badge & rear diffuser,RARB,LSD,CS stage 2


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      they probably syphoned the petrol out mate just before they dumped it


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        Originally posted by VXR JAY 23 View Post
        they probably syphoned the petrol out mate just before they dumped it
        I thought it too but then again I doubt they were done with the car cuz my puncture repair kit in the boot is gone.
        I had Richbrook spinning anti-theft wheel valves on and they savaged that up only ending up braking the whole valve. DUMB didn't know that the key for the valves was next to my car keys lol
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          Hi again. VX said its the rear axle and only had a quick look due to lack of time today so will inform me of price 2moro.. they said 3 hours labour.. + Parts.... anyone know how much this may set me back? and could this be why my traction control lights keeps going off? Thanks