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VXR Tuning Genral.

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  • VXR Tuning Genral.


    Still on the hunt for an Astra VXR, Just waiting to for my Integra DC5 to sell. So been doing some research on tuning and whats involved with the VXR.

    Ill list some parts Ive looked up and if you guys can add to my list/recommend me a better part ext. Just some general advice really.

    Here the parts Ive found out.
    -Oil Restrictor Bolt
    -Cool running thermostat
    -Re-Circulating Valve
    -Sport Actuator
    -Regal Inlet Cam
    -Uprated intercooler
    -CDTi Air box
    -Dbilas Intake
    -Turbo Back Exhaust system (No Precat & De Cat)
    -Mapping Software
    -Sport Top Hat (Dunno what this is??)

    What I Missed out? Im only looking to tune to Stage 3 for now. So no hybrid.

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    You missed out handling upgrades and good set of tyres, if you wanna tune it up do them as it be alot safer with them.


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      Tophat is the bit that joins the boost hose to the throttle body its just bigger.

      Ideally if your going to stage 3 instead of getting cooler running thermo get uprated rad, depends on funds of course.


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        Stage 3 is classed as re-map software, turbo back exhaust and intercooler. For a good set up i would recommend the following:

        Scorpion 3" turbo back exhuast
        Courts intercooler
        Courts enlarged toop hat - allows for better and smoother airflow into the throttle body
        Forge re-circ valve - does nothing for performance but makes a week component stronger
        CDTI airbox conversion
        Vectra air intake scoope - larger then the standard, smaller then the diblas but ALOT cheaper
        Oli restrictor bolt
        Lowering springs
        Limited slip diff
        K-sport 8 pot brakes
        Whiteline rear anti roll bar

        The above will give you a ghood pwer increase as well as improving your handling and braking which is really needed.

        Things like coool running thermostat, actuator, inlet cams are not really needed if you arnt going above stage 3. the only one of them i would consider putting on is an uprated actuator, something like the forge one bbut only as it being a stronger unit


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          Personally buy the car and see what you think the car needs rather than having a list before you've even bought it - either that or try and buy a car with all the modifications done to it already?



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            Very true, thats foolish of me. Im quite confindent with my handeling upgrades though. Has always been a must of any car Tbh. Think I will be going for Dap R Springs, Whiteline RARB and the best tyres I can get for road. Which I have no clue what tyres people use though :S


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              One ive been looking at is stage 2 mapped by Blu Fin. Only has a Turbo back zorst, and Dap R springs as far as I know so will need some more work. Artic Blue 56Plate.


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                Sorry to jump in like a salesman, but I have shiz available as per my sig


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                  No problem. That Forge FMIC will interest me soon once Ive got a VXR. Could you send me some Pictures please of that and the brakes and coolant hoses. Ill Pm you my email.


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                    Originally posted by Arr0nUK View Post
                    One ive been looking at is stage 2 mapped by Blu Fin. Only has a Turbo back zorst, and Dap R springs as far as I know so will need some more work. Artic Blue 56Plate.
                    buy my car mate which already has the following:

                    Vauxhall bi-Xenon lights with 6000k bulbs
                    LED fog lights

                    Cruise control
                    Super white number plate lights
                    Sun strip
                    Shorter aerial
                    Blue SMD conversion
                    3 gauge conversion
                    Blue interior lights
                    Recaro CS Sport seats
                    Full leather rear interior
                    Sub + Amp
                    19" BBS CH alloy wheels
                    3" non-resonated Scorpion exhaust
                    Verdestine Ultrac Sassanta tyres
                    K-Sport 8 pot 356mm brakes with Ferodo DS2500 pads
                    ATE Super Blue brake fluid
                    DAP lowering springs
                    Whiteline RARB
                    Colour coded boot strip
                    Blue VXR badges
                    Be-badged on the back
                    Keyless entry
                    Corsa indicator surrounds
                    EDS remap to stage 3
                    Forge re-circ valve
                    Courts Intercooler
                    Courts CDTI airbox conversion
                    K&N panel filter
                    Forge header tank
                    Battery cover
                    Alloy VXR engine bay caps
                    Courts enlarged top hat
                    Court's brake cooling ducts
                    Collins actuator
                    Courts blue silicon pipe work
                    Alloy MAF sensor pipe
                    Vectra air intake
                    Arden blue spark plug cover
                    Gloss black rocker cover
                    Gloss black CDTI box cover
                    Gloss black fuse box covers
                    Glenn Yale heat shield
                    Glenn Yale fuel rail cover
                    JCS High torque jubilee clips throughout engine bay
                    Smoothed fog light surrounds painted gloss black
                    Gloss black lower honeycomb grill
                    Gloss black upper honeycomb grill
                    Think that’s about it lol

                    Arden blue, 57 plate, 33,000 miles, full service history. some pic's here (minus the bonnet vents):



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                      You selling up Jay
                      Arden Blue Astra , 19's, Bluetooth, Full Leather, Stage 2 Ready
                      Wanted: 18" Black Wheels, maybe an FMIC and Stage 2


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                        if the right offer came along