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Just been on RR after buying!!!

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  • Just been on RR after buying!!!

    Bought my Vxr last Sunday at a claimed stage 3, now it has all the mods to back this up, the RR printout I had from cortney produced 273bhp, had it back on rollers today as I thought it should be more and after a couple of people on here pointed out in the heat rollers can be out, well today it produced 279bhp, the tester was saying that it hits full boost (20psi) and then drops straigt down to 9psi, after asking what could cause this he asked if the decat was fitted before the remap, so I asked the previous owner and It wasn't, he said this was my problem as the ecu is cutting the boost? Does this make sense?

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    It's hard to know by rr figures. They are all different an have alot of different factors that can affect the result. don't take it as the true bhp an torque of your car. In an ideal world should be around 290/300Bhp if it has the full exhaust an intercooler.

    The main thing is how the car feels on the road. If you have any concerns take the car to CS an get them to look at it I'd you are unsure


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      Ahh ok, yeah I am going to take it back to them, yeah has full system and front mount, it does feel ok but boost does dramatically drop after hitting full..


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        Think it will need the map tweaked then that should solve it mate.
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          If the boost drops in an instant it sounds like the infamous throttle closure problem, get it back to courtenays I'm sure they'll sort it out.