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changing pads on ap racing calipers

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  • changing pads on ap racing calipers

    hello im slightly unsure about how to compress the pistons on my ap's do they simply push in? if so do i have to compress them in a certain order or do they wind back in like the rear's? if so how do i get a rewind tool in there?
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    you need to get a brake piston compressor, or you can push then back with your hand but you have to be carefull that you dont flick the seal the wrong way if you do it to fast. and also than your brake resavior isnt to full as the fluid in the cals will be pushed back.
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      Just push the pad in with a pair of grips. Some people just use a pry bar and force the pad back in, in situ. From memory think you don't even need to take the caliper off to change the pads in the AP's.
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        I usually just crack the bleed nipple and push the pistons back by hand.